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The Clairaudience Development Course helps you activate your fifth chakra and master your psychic sense of clear hearing. You'll tune into the angelic realm, hear angelic music and talk to your spirit guides. You'll also learn how to control your gift, tell your inner voice from other voices, discern benevolent from unhelpful beings, and decide when and to whom you wish to communicate. It is a 10 week online course with live sessions, recorded content, and written support materials.


Psychic abilities allow you to communicate at a higher frequency range than normal senses. As your psychic perceptions open, you may be afraid or believe you are crazy unless you know what's really happening. If you've heard inexplicable sounds, like ringing, clicking or tapping in the ears, or been scared by disembodied voices with disturbing messages. You might be experiencing psychic hearing. Being scared of psychic sounds can cause you to fight with them. Yet what you resist persists. A better approach is to learn how to tune out what you do not wish to hear and tune in to what you do. This may sound easier said than done. Especially if you have struggled for years. But you can learn to screen out unhelpful messages and listen only to trusted sources, such as your angels and guides. Your experiences may include hearing your name while falling asleep, music with a message or to aid recovery from illness, or voices warning you not to do something, or reassuring you things will be fine. Your challenges will be strengths when you master your psychic gift of clairaudience. You will then be able to decide who to listen to, when to listen,  as well as discern helpful from non supportive voices.


Module 1: Introduction to Clairaudience

Hearing voices doesn't necessarily mean you are crazy, instead you may be experiencing your intuitive sense of clear hearing. This psychic gift helps you tune into spiritual messages beyond the frequency range of your physical hearing. It helps you talk with your trusted guides and listen to healing music. Whether you want to use it for personal reasons or to help others, this module will help you gain clarity.

  • Discover your clairaudience set point
  • Learn the benefits of auditory intuition
  • Set your goals for developing your clairaudience

Module 2: Fifth Chakra and its Growth Cycles

A growth cycle refers to changes that occur as your spiritual ability is awakening. Fifth chakra growth cycles could include being more or less communicative, or learning to communicate in new ways, such as inspiring a group, singing or telling jokes. Throat related illness  can occur when you resist your growth. You might be bothered by unhelpful voices, or experience annoying symptoms like clicking and buzzing.

  • Get to know your Fifth Chakra
  • Understand your past and present growth
  • Identify your challenges and learn how to overcome them

Module 3: Heal Your Fifth Chakra

Your fifth chakra governs authentic communicationIf it is unbalanced, you may be a poor communicator, feel uninspired, be unclear about your message, fear speaking out, or develop an illness. Trauma and negative programming from the past that is stored in the throat center will cause you to experience your life through distortion. You will speak from confusion and be unable to hear others and what they truly mean.

  • Clear your communication center
  • Balance and present time your fifth chakra
  • Heal physical aspects associated with your fifth chakra

Module 4: Clear Interference to Clairaudience

To be clear enough to hear spirits messages, you must clear energy and beliefs relating to clairaudience that aren't yours. You were programmed from an early age by caregivers. You've been influenced by family, friends, peers, authority figures, culture, religion, and other groups your whole life. You've interacted with them and stored their energy and beliefs in your space. You must separate your energy from theirs to clear confusion, judgement and miscommunication and own your space.

  • Gain clarity about your energy and beliefs
  • Systematically clear foreign energy from your space
  • Release patterns that prevent authentic communication

Module 5: Tune in to Your Clairaudience

As we are used to physical sounds we expect the sound of spirit to be the same, but they are different. The physical world is noisy. The spirit world is subtle. A step in developing your ability is to recognize differences between the psychic signals and physical sounds. This module provides exercises to tune into non-physical sounds. You will discern your clairaudience from ambient noise that is naturally around you that can interfere with your clarity.

  • Validate your clairaudience
  • Increase your auditory sensitivity
  • Practice exercises to gain clarity about your ability

Module 6: Communicate With Spirit Guides

It is an important step in your spiritual development to learn to control your gift. You don’t have to listen to all messages that come to you, especially if they're disturbing, or don’t concern you. You can decide when to listen and whom to communicate with. As well as be discerning about benevolent guides versus unhelpful beings. You will learn how to send and receive using your clairaudience in a safe effective way.

  • Meet and practice with your guide
  • Switch your clairaudience on and off
  • Learn how to tune into different guides

Module 7 - Angels and Hathors

Clairaudience refers to the receipt of intuitive information in auditory form. It includes hearing spiritual phenomena such as angels and other high vibration beings who communicate through vibration and sound patterns. This psychic ability also allows you to tune into the heavenly music in the angelic realm . What you learn can be applied to communication with other beings or even with friends over long distances.

  • Listen to the music of the spheres
  • Experience vibrational healing with the Hathors
  • Commune with archangels, angels and your guardian angel 

Module 8: Evolved Beings, Ascended Masters & Devas

Clairaudience helps you tune into messages from your guides and allows for communication outside of time and space. You can use it to receive guidance from ascended masters. You can learn from the wisdom of highly evolved beings from other worlds, or spirits from this world, such as nature spirits. The techniques you use can also help you talk to other guides and even loved ones on the other side.

  • Meet the ascended masters
  • Speak with highly evolved galactic beings
  • Explore the many inhabitants of the Devic Realm

Module 9: Implementation Plan and Case Studies

Others are mirrors for your beliefs and life experiences. You can use how you are triggered by what others say as a tool for reflection and growth. No longer a victim, you become a powerful agent of transformation capable of healing yourself and helping others heal. You will create a road map to continue your psychic development journey, integrate your learning into daily life and accelerate your evolution.

  • Validate your growth
  • Learn to process matching experiences
  • Determine your path and plan your future

Module 10: Bonus Discussion Videos

We are all mirrors for one another. You can accelerate your growth when you are exposed to other people's transformation process. Learn from other students who have taken the course as they share stories of their challenges and growth. Listen and clear your matching experiences as the teacher answers their questions, instructs them in energy techniques and assists them to work through their blocks.

  • Continue to transform
  • Process matching experiences
  • Practice reading others





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7 Reasons To Develop Your Gift

10 Results You Can Expect

  1. Experience clear intuitive hearing.
  2. Tune out interference so you can be peaceful and calm.
  3. Evolve your consciousness by tuning in to the world of spirit.
  4. Receive effortless, fast information you can rely on.
  5. Speak your truth using your authentic inner voice. 
  6. Validate you are not crazy for hearing things.
  7. Clear your doubt and uncertainty.

  1. Recognize the signs of Clairaudience.
  2. Overcome issues in opening and mastering your gift.
  3. Learn to hear messages from angels, guides and other beings.
  4. Clear blocks to using your our auditory intuition.
  5. Receive messages through Clairaudience.
  6. Use intuitive hearing to provide intuitive messages to others.
  7. Understand challenges of developing this ability.
  8. Be clear on the benefits of using this psychic power.
  9. Turn it on and off at will. 
  10. Listen only to what you want to hear.

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Lesley Phillips

Course Creator

Dr. Lesley Phillips loves to help people access their intuition. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has provided guidance to thousands, having offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and classes in meditation and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor and meditation teacher; and also has a B.Sc.and Ph.D. in biology,

Course curriculum

    1. Clairaudience Introduction

    2. Course Questions

    1. Copyright Notice - Mandatory Reading

    2. Orientation call request

    1. Clairaudience Module 1 Introduction

    2. What is clairaudience?

    3. Self assessment tool

    4. Types of clairaudience

    5. Begin Exploring Your Clairaudience

    6. Find out the many benefits of clairaudience

    7. Getting clear on your goals for developing your clairaudience meditation

    8. List your goals for developing your clairaudience

    9. Clairaudience Daily Energy Hygiene Meditation

    10. Module 1 - Audio versions of meditations

    11. Live Sessions - Thursdays 9 am PT / noon ET

    12. Clairaudience Group 2 Module 1 Q&A

    13. Clairaudience Group 3 Module 1 Q&A

    14. Clairaudience Module 1 Group 4

    15. Clairaudience Module 1 Group 5

    16. Clairaudience Module 1 Group 6

    1. Clairaudience Module 2 Introduction

    2. Learning about your fifth chakra

    3. Fifth chakra awareness meditation

    4. Fifth chakra growth cycles meditation

    5. Discover what can block clairaudience

    6. List your specific challenges

    7. Discover how to overcome your challenges

    8. Clearing your blocks for developing your clairaudience meditation

    9. Discuss your main challenges with the group (optional)

    10. Module 2 - Audio Versions of Meditations

    11. Live Sessions - Thursdays 9 am PT / noon ET

    12. Clairaudience Group 2 Module 2 Q&A

    13. Clairaudience Group 3 Module 2 Q&A

    14. Clairaudience Group 4 Module 2

    15. Clairaudience Module 2 Group 5

    16. Clairaudience Module 2 Group 6

    1. Clear Your Fifth Chakra

    2. Clearing your Fifth Chakra

    3. Balancing and Present Timing Your Fifth Chakra

    4. Healing Physical Aspects Associated with Fifth Chakra

    5. Present time clairaudient past lives

    6. Releasing Unhelpful Beings and Entities

    7. Module 3 - Audio Versions of Meditations

    8. Live Sessions - Thursdays 9 am PT / noon ET

    9. Your comments and questions about validating your clairaudience

    10. Clairaudience Module 3 Q&A Group 2

    11. Clairaudience Module 3 Group 3

    12. Clairaudience Module 3 Group 4

    13. Clairaudience Module 3 Group 5

    14. Clairaudience Course Module 3 Group 5

    1. Release Foreign Energy

    2. Quick meditation to release foreign energy and other disturbances

    3. List of people who influenced my beliefs about my clairaudience

    4. Release your Mums influence on your clairaudience

    5. Release your Dads influence on your clairaudience

    6. Release other Individuals influence on your clairaudience

    7. Release group influence on your clairaudience

    8. Module 4 - Audio Versions of Meditations

    9. Live Sessions - Thursdays 9 am PT / noon ET / 8 pm EU

    10. Clairaudience Course Module 4 Group 3

    11. Clairaudience Module 4 Group 4

    12. Clairaudience Module 4 Group 5

    13. Clairaudience Module 4 Group 5

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