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The Claircognizance Development Courshelps you master your gift of clear knowing. You receive tools to activate your crown, develop your seventh chakra and know your unique information. As well as guided meditations to release what is blocking your gift, such as programming and foreign energy. You will learn to connect with your Higher Being, and Trusted Divine Source from a state of stillness, and answer your own questions. It is a 10 week online course with live sessions, recorded content, and written support materials.


Your knowingness provides access to information, so you can know what you need to know when you need to know it. If you were always asking questions as a child, were a little know-it-all, and sometimes knew things others preferred you didn’t. You might have been shut you down, and told you to mind your own business. This course will help you reclaim your gift. If you have issues with authority and struggle with self-doubt, uncertainty, and give your power away to others, or feel unworthy because in the past when you let your light shine it was unappreciated. You can be indecisive and doubtful, especially if you have a history of being invalidated. Making it easy for others to manipulate and control you. This course will help you validate your gift. Because of your powerful knowing, may believe others should always follow your direction. It's hard to let other people figure things out. It's frustrating when they don't get it. Alternatively, you may impose your knowing on others, and be indiscriminate about the information you share. Sharing all you know all the time, and not allowing space for others journey. This course will help you accept yourself and others as they are and allow space for everyone's authentic knowing. Also if being smarter makes you feel special, or different. Or you get lost in ideas that aren't relevant to this reality, leaving you vulnerable to being called crazy, a conspiracy theorist, or ridiculed, this course will help you focus your knowing in the here and now.


Module 1: Introduction to Claircognizance

This gift helps you tune into your higher knowing. Claircognizance (clear knowing), is the ability to be still and know yourself, your spiritual information, and insights relevant to your everyday life. If you ever experienced inexplicable certainty, then you experienced this ability. It’s when you instantly know something beyond logic. To master your knowingness means you must overcome your doubt and uncertainty.

  • Discover your claircognizance set point
  • Learn the benefits of knowingness
  • Set your goals for developing your claircognizance

Module 2: Seventh Chakra and its Growth Cycles

If you have an unbalanced seventh chakra you may live your life unconsciously or be possessed by energies and beliefs that are not yours. This leads to misconceptions, frustration, and unrealized potential. When this chakra awakens, you may be amazed at how much you know, and lose yourself in the enormity of what is or impose information on others. Mastery of the seventh chakra involves transcending these challenges.

  • Review past time challenges.
  • Present time your seventh chakra.
  • Remove foreign energy from your crown

Module 3: Heal Your Seventh Chakra

A healed seventh chakra will allow you to effortlessly tune into your higher knowing. A distorted seventh chakra may result in mental health issues, such as paranoia, bipolarity, megalomania, or even a guru complex. As the seventh chakra allows direct connection to the divine, having a balanced seventh chakra will help you know who you are and why you are here. It can help you understand your life challenges and your purpose, and provide guidance as you progress along your life journey.

  • Get in present time.
  • Balance your seventh chakra.
  • Clear foreign energy from your space

Module 4: Clear Interference to Claircognizance

The seventh chakra is the master chakra. It receives and translates information from cosmic consciousness. When it is unbalanced, you may operate from information that isn’t yours or doesn’t make sense in present time, or you may inappropriately impose your perspective on others. Used correctly it channels your ability to know everything you need to know to fulfill your purpose, and to bring your energy into the body so that you can make the most of your Earth journey.

  • Identify and clear your blocks.
  • Use energy tools to remove doubt.
  • Clear limiting beliefs and programming from others.

Module 5: Tune Into Your Claircognizance

Claircognizance refers to your ability to experience your divine wisdom. It allows you to enter a state of stillness where you can instantly know your spiritual information. When you use your knowingness, you clearly know without needing any supporting, external information, logic, or reason. You just know it without a shadow of a doubt. Your brain is more limited than your knowingness. It stores information just from your current lifetime like a computer. However, a broader repository of eternal wisdom can be accessed using your knowingness.

  • Use your inner knowing to know anything you want.
  • Know answers to pressing questions in an instant.
  • Experience a state of pure being.

Module 6: Talk to Your Higher Self

If you know things, when there’s no rhyme or reason for it, no logic, no information you can point to, you are using your knowingness. In this module you will communicate with your higher consciousness through your crown. You will gain clarity, and access your own unique information. You are a stream of eternal consciousness. You might have had thousands of bodies and millennia of learning on Earth and in other realities. Everything you learned is available to you now through your knowingness.

  • Access your unique information
  • Communicate with your higher being
  • Validate your unique sense of knowing

Module 7 - Communicate With Divine Source Energy

By taking charge of your seventh chakra, you can consciously direct your life from your higher consciousness. You can communicate with Divine Source and receive guidance and answers to your questions. In this module you will develop your unique relationship with your Divine Source. You will be guided to experience bliss and benevolence of Divine Source Energy, so you can trust and allow yourself to recieve higher guidance, and be supported.

  • Learn how to consciously connect with divine guidance.
  • Have clear communication with Source and the spiritual realm.
  • Expand your multi-dimensional awareness of self.

Module 8: Claircognizance and Psychic Readings

Everyone is unique and can access their own information. Information that is appropriate for you may not resonate with others and vice versa. Learn how to access information that is correct for you, as well as channel what will resonate for others. When you become aware of how much you know, it can be difficult not to impose on others. Learn to stand back and allow others to grow at their own pace. Each human is unique and has a unique perspective. When we accept ourselves and others as we are, we allow everyone the space to evolve.

  • Choose when you tune into your cosmic consciousness.
  • Recognize insights from your inner knowing for yourself.
  • Understand how to adapt your knowing so it can benefit others.

Module 9: Implementation Plan and Case Studies

Determine your path and plan your future in this penultimate module. Others are mirrors for your beliefs and life experiences. A “Knowledgeable Sage” uses these reflections as a tool for self-mastery and growth. By learning from others, you can become a powerful agent of transformation capable of healing yourself and helping others. You will create a road map to continue your psychic development journey, integrate your learning into everyday life and accelerate your evolution.

  • Validate your growth
  • Learn to process matching experiences
  • Tap into your higher purpose and guide your life direction

Module 10: Bonus Discussion Videos

We are all mirrors for one another. You can accelerate your growth when you are exposed to other people's transformation process. Learn from other students who have taken the course as they share stories of their challenges and growth. Listen and clear your matching experiences as the teacher answers their questions, instructs them in energy techniques and assists them to work through their blocks.

  • Continue to transform
  • Process matching experiences
  • Practice reading others





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7 Reasons To Develop Your Gift

7 Results You Can Expect

  1. Have clear communication with your higher self, the spiritual realm and Source.
  2. Know answers to pressing questions in an instant.
  3. Tap into your higher purpose and guide your life direction as well as that of others.
  4. Expand your multi-dimensional awareness of self.
  5. Bypass intellectual limits by accessing  your 7th chakra as a creative source.
  6. Experience being still and knowing. 
  7. Gain knowledge about your life challenges.
  1. Use your inner knowing to know anything you want. 
  2. Learn how to consciously connect with your divine guidance.
  3. Choose when you tune into your cosmic consciousness.
  4. Clear issues in opening and mastering your gift.
  5. Overcome blocks to claircognizant development and using your clear knowing and higher knowing,
  6. Recognize insights from your inner knowing.
  7. Understand challenges and benefits of using your psychic ability of Claircognizance.

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Lesley Phillips

Course Creator

Dr. Lesley Phillips loves to help people access their intuition. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has provided guidance to thousands, having offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and classes in meditation and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor and meditation teacher; and also has a B.Sc.and Ph.D. in biology,

Course curriculum

    1. Claircognizance Course Introduction

    1. Copyright Notice - Mandatory Reading

    2. Orientation call request

    1. Module 1 Introduction

    2. What is knowingness? (claircognizance)

    3. Your goals for developing your knowingness - meditation

    4. Self assessment tool

    5. Types of inner knowing

    6. Find out the many benefits of knowingness

    7. List your goals for developing your claircognizance

    8. Knowingness explained

    9. Before you continue...

    10. Daily Crown Chakra Meditation

    11. Claircognizance Daily Energy Hygiene Meditation

    12. Module 1 Audio Downloads

    13. Claircognizance Module 1 Q&A Group 2

    14. Claircognizance Module 1 Extra Q&A Group 2

    15. Claircognizance Group 3 Module 1 Q&A

    16. Clairrcognizance Module 1 Group 4

    17. Tuesdays at 4 pm PT, 7 pm ET

    18. Claircognizance Module 1 Group 5

    1. Module 2 Introduction

    2. Learning about your seventh chakra

    3. Awareness of your crown chakra and its growth cycles - meditation

    4. Orienting to Your Seventh Chakra Meditation

    5. Claircognizance Growth Cycles Meditation

    6. Discover what can block claircognizance

    7. List your specific challenges

    8. Your claircognizance challenges - meditation

    9. Clear blocks and overcome your challenges

    10. Christ Force Meditation

    11. Discuss your main challenges with the group (optional)

    12. Closing Comments

    13. Module 2 Audio Downloads

    14. Group 2 Module 2 Opening Meditation

    15. Group 2 Module 2 Closing Meditation

    16. Group 2 Module 2 Q&A

    17. Claircognizance Group 3 Module 2

    18. Tuesdays at 4 pm PT and 7 pm ET

    19. Claircognizance Module 2 Group 4

    20. Claircognizance Module 2 Group 5

    1. Module 3 Introduction

    2. Opening Meditation

    3. Balancing and Present Timing Your Seventh Chakra

    4. Healing and Balancing Meditation for Pituitary, Pineal and Hypothalamus

    5. Present Time Past Lives Meditation

    6. Releasing Beings and Entities

    7. Quick Seventh Clearing Meditation

    8. Releasing Beings and Entities

    9. Your comments and questions about validating your knowing

    10. Module 3 Audio Downloads

    11. Claircognizance Group 2 Module 3 Q&A

    12. Claircognizance Module 3 Group 3

    13. Tuesdays at 4 pm PT and 7 pm ET

    14. Claircognizance Module 3 Group 4

    15. Claircognizance Module 3 Group 5

    1. Module 4 Introduction

    2. Releasing Foreign Energy

    3. My lists of people, groups and cultures who influenced my beliefs about my knowingness

    4. Meditation to release foreign energy and other disturbances

    5. Releasing Your Mums Influence on Your Knowing

    6. Releasing Your Mum's Influence on Your Knowing Short Version

    7. Releasing Your Dads Influence on Your Knowing

    8. Releasing Your Dads' Influence on Your Knowing Short version

    9. Releasing Other Individuals Influence on Your Knowing

    10. Releasing Group Influences from Your Knowing

    11. Releasing Group Influences on Your Knowing Short Version

    12. Module 4 Audio Downloads

    13. Comments or questions about activating your claircognizance

    14. Group 2 Module 4 Opening Meditation

    15. Group 2 Module 4 Q&A

    16. Claircognizance Group 3 Module 4

    17. Tuesdays at 4 pm PT and 7 pm ET

    18. Claircognizance Module 4 Group 4

    19. Claircognizance Class Module 4 Group 5

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