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The Clairvoyance Development Course helps you master your gift of clear seeing. You receive tools to activate your third eye, develop your sixth chakra and see energy. As well as guided meditations to release what is blocking your gift, such as programming and foreign energy. You will learn to read and interpret symbols, auras, tell when someone is lying, and answer your own questions. It is a 10 week online course with live sessions, recorded content, and written support materials.


The intellect is the main block to clairvoyance. It slows the flow of intuition and makes you doubt. If you don’t own your gift, you lack clarity and can be fooled into seeing things through the eyes of others. We avoid seeing our truth when we resist change. Clairvoyance helps you make clear, confident life choices. You're non-judgmental about what you see. Your neutrality helps you easily transform. Clairvoyance reveals your truth and gives you the confidence to let go of limits. You can see yourself, others and your life clearly. You can take an higher perspective regardless of the ego’s projections. You see colors with your eyes closed, faces as you fall asleep and fleeting visions as you wake. You had an invisible friend, thought you saw a ghost, or a deceased loved one, or glimpsed your spirit guide. Visualization is easy for you. You see images when reading  and meditating. People think you have a photographic memory as you remember things as images and recall texts you have read visually. You show signs of clairvoyance. The psychic ability that allows you to perceive beings, colors, shapes, vibrations and energy frequencies. It also helps you see what is with neutrality, clarity, and acceptance


Module 1: Introduction to Clairvoyance 

This psychic gift helps you see spiritual phenomena, such as spirit guides and energy fields. It also confers the neutrality and clarity needed for you to take charge of your life. It cultivates acceptance, and can help you overcome self-judgement and other disturbances. You will see your problems and other people in a new light. Whether you want to use it to help yourself or others, this module will get you started.

  • Discover the gift of visual intuition
  • Learn the benefits of seeing as spirit
  • Set your goals for developing your clairvoyance

Module 2: Sixth Chakra and its Growth Cycles

A growth cycle refers to changes that occur as your spiritual ability is awakening. Sixth chakra growth cycles may include difficulty focusing, lack of clarity, mental health issues or fuzzy thinking. You might view the world through non-supportive beliefs, be inundated by unwanted visions or see nothing. Your third eye awakening can also include amazing visions, more clarity and heightened awareness.

  • Get to know your Sixth Chakra
  • Understand your past and present growth
  • Identify your challenges and learn how to overcome them

Module 3: Present Time and Heal Your Clairvoyance

Your sixth chakra governs psychic vision. When you heal your sixth chakra you gain clarity about your life purposeIf it is out of present time, invalidation from childhood experiences, and other peoples judgments may keep you stuck in old patterns of resistance. Even past lives when you were punished for your ability can cause alienation and fear in this life. This module helps you clear these distortions.

  • Cleanse your third eye
  • Balance and present time your sixth chakra
  • Release entities and discover past lives when you were psychic 

Module 4: Clear Interference to Your Clairvoyance

To be clear enough to see as spirit, you must clear energy and beliefs related to clairvoyance that aren't yours. You were programmed from an early age by caregivers. You've been influenced by family, friends, peers, authority figures, culture, religion, and other groups throughout your life. You've interacted with them and stored their energy and beliefs in your space. You must separate your energy from theirs to clear confusion, judgement and miscommunication and own your space.

  • Gain clarity about your energy and beliefs
  • Systematically clear foreign energy from your space
  • Release patterns that prevent you authentically seeing your truth

Module 5: Tune into Your Clairvoyance

As you are used to seeing with physical eyes, you might expect seeing as spirit to be similar. You do not see spiritual phenomena with your physical eyes. You see them with your inner eye. You will play with visualizations and visual memories to get used to what seeing with clairvoyance is like. You will also learn how clairvoyance helps you be senior to emotions and intellect, which can interfere with intuition.

  • Validate your clairvoyance
  • Increase your sensitivity to energy frequencies
  • Practice exercises to gain clarity about your ability

Module 6: Develop Your Clairvoyance

To really use your clairvoyance to full capacity, you need to over-ride your intellect. If not your mind will cause you to doubt your intuition. You will reset the energy of your mental faculties to clear interference and help them settle down. Then you will learn how to create and project thought forms onto a psychic mental image screen, and observe energy vibrations and interpret color frequencies

  • Work with mental images
  • Begin to psychically see vibration as color
  • Change your energy and see the results using your clairvoyance

Module 7 - Rose Readings / Reading Your Growth

The rose is the western symbol of spiritual unfolding. It was used in mystery schools as a tool in psychic readings and energy healing. You will activate your clairvoyance and learn to use the thought form of a rose to observe your own energy and to read your growth cycle. You will also use roses to discern the truth from a lie and protect yourself from psychic attack and foreign energy.

  • Read your own energy
  • Tell when you are being lied to 
  • Learn a valuable protection technique

Module 8: Aura Readings, Symbols, Remote Viewing

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. Known as the fingerprint of God, it records your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories and behavior patterns. They are stored as colors, pictures, videos, symbols and other energy configurations. Learning to read your aura is invaluable to improve self: awareness, transformation and healing. When you know your energy you can change it to manifest a better life.

  • Learn to read your aura
  • Read and interpret energy symbols
  • Discover remote viewing and additional protections

Module 9: Apply Clairvoyance to Your Life

Others are mirrors for your beliefs and life experiences. You can use how you are triggered by what others say as a tool for reflection and growth. No longer a victim, you become a powerful agent of transformation capable of healing yourself and helping others heal. You will create a road map to continue your psychic development journey, integrate your learning into daily life and accelerate your evolution.

  • Validate your growth
  • Learn to process matching experiences
  • Determine your path and plan your future

Module 10: Bonus Discussion Videos

We are all mirrors for one another. You can accelerate your growth when you are exposed to other people's transformation process. Learn from other students who have taken the course as they share stories of their challenges and growth. Listen and clear your matching experiences as the teacher answers their questions, instructs them in energy techniques and assists them to work through their blocks.

  • Continue to transform
  • Process matching experiences
  • Practice reading others





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7 Reasons To Develop Your Gift

10 Results You Can Expect

  1. Have clear communication with your angels and  guides.
  2. Expand your consciousness by observing the non physical.
  3. Open your third eye and experience unprecedented clarity.
  4. Tap into your truth about people and situations.
  5. Cut through mental and emotional overwhelm.
  6. Make effortless, fast decisions you will feel good about.
  7. Be neutral about your life challenges.
  1. Be able to perceive auras, chakras, symbols and energy.
  2. Use your gift to provide intuitive messages to others.
  3. Recognize images received through your visual intuition.
  4. Interpret symbols and give yourself an aura reading.
  5. Overcome blocks to using your clairvoyance.
  6. Clear issues in opening and mastering your gift.
  7. Understand challenges and benefits of using clairvoyance.
  8. See your angels, guides and other spiritual phenomena.
  9. See yourself and others clearly without judgement.
  10. Learn how to open your third eye.

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Lesley Phillips

Course Creator

Dr. Lesley Phillips loves to help people access their intuition. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has provided guidance to thousands, having offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and classes in meditation and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor and meditation teacher; and also has a B.Sc.and Ph.D. in biology,

Course curriculum

    1. Clairvoyance Course Introduction

    1. Copyright Notice - Mandatory Reading

    1. Module 1 Introduction

    2. What is Clairvoyance?

    3. Self assessment tool

    4. Types of clairvoyance

    5. Clairvoyance Explained

    6. Daily Energy Hygiene Meditation

    7. Find out the many benefits of clairvoyance

    8. Getting clear on your goals for developing your clairvoyance meditation

    9. List your goals for developing your clairvoyance

    10. Pineal Attunement Exercise #1

    11. Before Your Continue...

    12. Module 1 - Audio Versions of Meditations


    14. Module 1 Q&A Group 2

    15. Clairvoyance Group 3 Module 1

    16. Clairvoyance Group 4 Module 1

    17. Clairvoyance Module 1 Group 5

    18. Clairvoyance Module 1 Group 6

    1. Module 2 Introduction

    2. Learning about your sixth chakra

    3. Sixth chakra awareness meditation

    4. Sixth chakra growth cycles meditation

    5. Discover what can block clairvoyance

    6. List your specific challenges

    7. Discover how to overcome your challenges

    8. Clearing Blocks to Developing Your Clairvoyance

    9. Pineal Attunement Exercise #2

    10. Discuss your main challenges with the group (optional)

    11. Module 2 - Audio Versions of Meditations

    12. Live Sessions Fridays 8:30 am PDT

    13. Claivoyance Module 2 Group 2 Q&A

    14. Clairvoyance Group 3 Module 2 Q&A

    15. Clairvoyance Group 4 Module 2 Group

    16. Clairvoyance Module 2 Group 5

    1. Module 3 Introduction

    2. Clearing Your Third Eye

    3. Balancing and Present Timing Your Sixth Chakra

    4. Present Time Past Lives Meditation

    5. Releasing Beings and Entities

    6. Module 3 - Audio Versions of Meditations

    7. Live Sessions Fridays 8:30 am PDT

    8. Pineal Attunement Exercise #3

    9. Clairvoyance Group 2 Module 3 Q&A

    10. Clairvoyance Group 3 Module 3 Q&A

    11. Clairvoyance Module 3 Group 4

    12. Clairvoyance Module 3 Group 5

    1. Module 4 Introduction

    2. Quick Meditation to release foreign energy and other disturbances

    3. List of people who influenced my beliefs about my clairvoyance

    4. Releasing Your Mums Influence on Your Clairvoyance (audio)

    5. Releasing Your Dads Influence from Your Clairvoyance

    6. Releasing Other Individuals Influence on Your Clairvoyance

    7. Releasing Group Influences on Your Clairvoyance

    8. Module 4 - Audio Versions of Meditations

    9. Live Sessions Tuesdays 11:30 am Pacific Time

    10. Clairvoyance Group 2 Module 4 Q&A

    11. Clairvoyance Course Module 4 Group 3

    12. Clairvoyance Module 4 Group 4

    13. Clairvoyance Module 4 Group 5

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