Journey of the Serpent Fire | taught by Lesley Phillips
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Lesley Phillips
Lesley Phillips
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Lesley Phillips Ph.D., Founder, School of Intuition,  helps people access their psychic gifts. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and taught classes in intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor. meditation teacher; and has a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in biology. 

Dr. Lesley's purpose is to help awakening humans activate and use their intuition so they can reach their full potential as awakened humans. Contact her here https://drlesleyphillips.com/contact/ OR here info[@]drlesleyphillips.com OR call 604 259 8473

Books by Dr. Lesley 

The Kundalini energy awakens in stages. 

The journey is as unique as the person undergoing the transformation.

As it uncoils and flows up the spine it awakens the chakra system and supports the cleansing of the physical and energetic systems so that spirit can take charge. This energy flow clears your blocks and removes foreign energy. As well as healing unwanted past time energy, painful memories, and experiences. It removes limiting beliefs so you can become your powerful, authentic self. 

Kundalini was called "serpent power" in many ancient traditions because it uncoils like a cobra from the base of the spine and travels up the spine to the crown chakra, which is the gateway to higher consciousness. As the kundalini awakening unfolds, this life force energy branches from the spine and flows not only through the chakras, but also through additional energy channels (called nadis or meridians).

Kundalini 2 is an exploration of some of the other pathways besides the main channel in the spine. These are also involved in your transformation as the kundalini snakes its way through your personal energy system. These energy flows further awaken the consciousness and fine-tune the system.

Kundalini 2 will:- 

  • Raise your vibration further. 
  • Deep cleanse your system.
  • Heighten consciousness
  • Enhance spiritual abilities.
  • Open you to more awareness.

After completing the course you will be able to (i) Run the kundalini of the Earth through subtle energy channels in your body (ii) Modulate this energy and switch it on and off. (iii) Run kundalini through subtle energy channels in your head (iv) perform a head channel healing; (v) run kundalini as two opposite polarities to create balance in your system. 

The course contains four modules. Each includes an introductory lecture, a series of meditations to further awaken your kundalini, and a live Q&A session. Each module reflects a journey taken by the snake-like kundalini as it wends its way through your energy system. The modules are named after the ancient mysteries of the "serpent power." 


Quetzacotl (feathered serpent) is the kundalini energy of the Earth.

  • Discover the Earth's kundalini energy channels in your body.
  • Consciously run this energy and learn to modulate its flow.
  • Practice running your kundalini and the Earths' kundalini together.
  • Review past communications with the Earths' Kundalini.
  • Communicate with Gaia about her energy.


Nahash, the serpent on the tree of knowledge is the kundalini energy of man.

  • Align with Gaia and the cosmic consciousness.
  • Refine your kundalini and work with it some more.
  • Safely unseal the chakras by learning how to ground them.
  • Build your energy and power by working with this amplified energy.
  • Go deeper into the spine and heal it further.


Hyrdas and Gorgons (e.g. Medussa) represent the kundalini energy flowing through the head channels.

  • Locate your head channels
  • Run your Kundalini through them.
  • Use occipital grounding to unblock your head channels.
  • Learn how to give yourself a head channel healing.
  • Balance the hemispheres of your brain.


The caduceus is an ancient symbol of duality. It represents the entire kundalini system.

  • Run your kundalini as opposite polarities
  • Follow its journey through the chakra system as two opposite energy streams.
  • Experience and modulate your unique male energy.
  • Experience and modulate your unique female energy.
  • Balance your unique male and female energy.

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