Course Description

Detailed course description coming soon. This course is only open to students who have completed prerequisites. Such as the Unlock Your Intuition course. There are 10 modules, taught over a 10 week period. Each contains practical exercises, meditations, and live Q&A sessions.   Contact Dr. Lesley Phillips, course instructor, for more information on how to take this training

Course curriculum

    1. Copyright Notice - Mandatory Reading

    1. Manifestation Mentoring Worksheet 1

    2. Be Certain About What Your Want Meditation

    3. Be in Present Time with What You Want Meditation

    4. Ask for What You Want Meditation

    5. Module 1 Audio Downloads

    6. Module 1 Group 1 Q&A

    1. Manifestation Mentoring Worksheet 2

    2. MANIFESTATION Emotional Guidance Scale

    3. Vibrational Diary Meditation

    4. Managing Your Vibration Meditation

    5. Uniquely You Meditation

    6. Module 3 Audio Downloads

    7. Manifestation Module 2 Q&A

    1. Manifestation Mentoring Worksheet 3

    2. Positive and Negative Thinking

    3. Sabotaging Thoughts

    4. Sub-Personality Exercise

    5. Unlimited Thinking Exercise

    6. Manifestation Mastery Module 3 Audio Downloads

    7. Manifestation Group 1 Module 3 Q&A

    1. Manifestation Mentoring Worksheet 4

    2. Transforming Your Beliefs

    3. Clearing What Isn't You

    4. Being in Flow

    5. Breaking Down Old Belief Structures

    6. Manifestation Mastery Module 4 Audio Downloads

    7. Manifesting Module 4 Q&A Group 1

    1. Manifestation Mentoring Week 5

    2. Introduction to Manifestation Guides

    3. Meet Your Manifestation Guide

    4. Manifestation Guide Agreement

    5. Working with your manifestation guide

    6. Learn your purpose with your guide

    7. Manifestation Mastery Module 5 Q&A

    8. Manifestation Mastery Module 5 Audio Downloads

About this course

  • $1,497.00
  • 71 lessons
  • 15 hours of video content

Course Instructor

Lesley Phillips

Course Creator

Dr. Lesley Phillips loves to help people access their intuition. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has provided guidance to thousands, having offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and classes in meditation and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor and meditation teacher; and also has a B.Sc.and Ph.D. in biology,

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