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This course will help you if you are - Having trouble stilling your mind - Too busy with so many thoughts you cant focus - Feeling stressed and overwhelmed - Unable to trust and follow your inner guidance - Uncertain you even know how access your intuition.

Practical Meditation is a powerful life support and intuition development kit. It has exercises and guided meditations to increase awareness, activate your intuition and clear your energy. It can serve as a handy manual for techniques important for psychic development. It provides also provides essential techniques, and short meditations to support a happy life. There is a private Facebook Group where you can interact with other students. As well as options to join the Buddy System and receive private mentoring from the teacher.


5 techniques to take you on a journey to a happier, more intuitive life!

Module 1: Being Present and Releasing Stress

The first technique in your energy toolkit is called grounding. Grounding helps you release tension, stress, and foreign energy, so you remain more in charge of your reality. When grounded you are in the present moment, which is an important key to releasing stress. You are also able to own your personal space and stand your ground. Because you can now release interference, you are more able to tune in to your intuition. You will build a strong foundation to safely meditate and learn powerful techniques that help you:

  • Be in the present moment and be mindful, awake and aware.
  • Release tension, anxiety, pain and stress effortlessly.
  • Let go of past time fears and future worries.

Module 2: Being a Neutral Observer of Your Life

The second technique in your energy toolkit is called centering. You will discover the secret to quiet your busy mind and take charge of your unruly thoughts. As well as how to remain cool, calm and collected despite emotional turmoil. Your thoughts and emotions are powerful forces that can pull you in many directions and distract you from your focus. Centering allows you to be the neutral observer of your thoughts and emotions. Centering puts you in the driver's seat of your life and helps you align body, mind and spirit. Use this technique to:

  • Release emotions of self and others in an instant.
  • Calm your brain and focus your mind to gain clarity.
  • Experience acceptance, neutrality and non-judgement.

Module 3: Consciously Managing Your Energy

You create your reality. That means if you create something you don't prefer you can replace it with something you do. The third technique in your energy toolkit is called creating and destroying. In this module, you will learn the principles of how to be the conscious creator of your life with an ancient energy technique that involves using your intentions, visualizations and thought forms. As well as working with energy, stimulating your sixth chakra, activating your clairvoyance and beginning to see as spirit. Use this amazing technique to:

  • Let go of creative blocks.
  • Harness your imagination.
  • Break through limiting beliefs.

Module 4: Creating Balance in Your Life

The fourth technique in your energy toolkit is called running Earth energy. Our planet, Gaia, is a master of balance. Everything on the planet occurs in cycles of growth and change. You can stay in tune with the planetary energy by consciously running the energy of Earth through your system. This helps you make appropriate shifts as the planetary energy increases. As well as heal yourself and get back in balance. Be in a state of flow, recharge your batteries, experience peace, enter stillness and fully connect with the planetary reality by:

  • Balancing your life.
  • Letting go of your resistance.
  • Melting away your anxiety, mental, emotional and physical pain

Module 5: Being in the Flow of Life

The fifth and final technique in your energy toolkit is called running cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is the energy of all things. Many vibrations of cosmic energy are available to help you feel more relaxed, peaceful, energized or any other way you prefer. Everything is connected and, as part of the cosmic consciousness, is available to you. You enter a state of flow when you consciously run cosmic energy through your system. Doing so helps you synchronize your energy with the energy of the cosmos, release resistance and move into alignment.

  • Experience peace.
  • Recharge your energy.
  • Melt away mental, emotional and physical pain.

Some results you can expect:-

This course will help you overcome the challenges of having thoughts and emotions that overwhelm you, It will teach you to calm your mind so you can feel peaceful and happy. As well as guiding you to the clarity that comes from being able to trust your intuition because you will now understand how to be open to and receive it. If you are frustrated by your lack of time to meditate or a lack of consistency in your meditation practice, This course will help you develop the habit of a regular meditation practice because you will receive daily instruction for 35 days. The lessons and meditations are short with practical suggestions for how to fit what you have learned into your every day life.





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ADDITIONAL PAYMENT PLAN - click here to enroll in the Mentoring Plan 

Give yourself the gift of a peaceful mind and your intuition and reap the benefits for the rest of your life!

Lesley Phillips

Course Creator

Dr. Lesley Phillips loves to help people access their intuition. She can help you transcend your limits and let go of what blocks you from your purpose. She has provided guidance to thousands, having offered intuitive sessions since 1996 and classes in meditation and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley is the author of several books. She is a certified spiritual counselor and meditation teacher; and also has a B.Sc.and Ph.D. in biology,

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Practical Meditation for Intuitives

    2. Evaluation Form

    3. Evaluation Survey

    1. The Importance of Grounding

    2. Day 1 - Importance of Grounding

    3. Day 1 - Creating a Grounding Cord

    4. Day 2 - Practicing Grounding

    5. Day 3 - Grounding Visualizations

    6. Day 4 - Fun with Grounding Visualizations

    7. Day 5 - Releasing Energy Down Your Grounding

    8. Day 6 - Using Grounding to Let Things Go

    9. Day 7 - Grounding in out in Nature

    1. Day 8 - The Importance of Centering

    2. Day 8 - Importance of Centering

    3. Day 8 - Learning to Center

    4. Day 9 - Practicing Centering

    5. Day 10 - Clearing Your Center

    6. Day 11 - Clearing the Center of Your Head

    7. Day 12 - Observing Your Analyser

    8. Day 13 - Being Above the Emotions

    9. Day 14 - Emotional Awareness and Opening Your Creativity

    1. Day 15 - Learning to Consciously Create and Let go

    2. Day 15 - Introduction to Creating and Destroying

    3. Day 15 - Creating and Destroying

    4. Day 16 - Practicing Creating and Destroying

    5. Day 17 - Releasing Energy in Roses

    6. Day 18 - Releasing Energy in Roses

    7. Day 19 - Using Roses to Control Your Energy

    8. Day 20 - Practising Using Roses to Control Your Energy

    9. Day 21 - Letting go of the Past using Roses

    10. Day 21 - Letting Go to Receive

    1. Day 22 - Consciously Running Earth Energy

    2. Day 22 - Introduction to Earth Energy

    3. Day 22 - Running Earth Energy

    4. Day 23 - Practising Running Earth Energy

    5. Day 24 - Visualizations for Running Earth Energy

    6. Day 25 - Fun with Earth Energy Visualizations

    7. Day 26 - Using Earth Energy to Melt Blocks

    8. Day 27 - Melting Your Blocks Using Earth Energy

    9. Day 28 - Using Earth Energy to Create in Harmony

    10. Day 29 - Using Earth Energy to Let Go of Old Creations

    1. Day 30 - Consciously Running Cosmic Energy

    2. Day 30 - Introduction to Cosmic Energy

    3. Day 30 - Running Cosmic Energy

    4. Day 31 - Practicing Running Cosmic Energy

    5. Day 32 - Using Cosmic Energy to Melt Blocks

    6. Day 33 - Melting Your Blocks Using Cosmic Energy

    7. Day 34 - Cosmic Energy Colour Meditation

    8. Day 35 - Experimenting with Different Cosmic Energy Vibrations

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